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My tf2 server crashes...
Well guys,I really have this problem for a week.When I join my server and the server is empty and i type "kill" in console in order to suicide and change my class,the server crashes instantly.The same happens,of course when I slay myself or in general get in any way self-killed,the server crashes.BUT, the server don't crash when i kill myself and there is one at least client inside (crashes occur only when i self-kill and I AM ALONE in my server).This is really drive me mad because i tried re-installed the server from scratch and still I have this *** bug.My server runs Mani Admin Plugin v 1.2V, MetaMod:Source v1.8.3V and SourceMod v1.3.4.The strange thing is that i temporarily disabled the above plugins and still have this crash issue!!!

So,have you ever experienced something like that?If yes,tell me how to solve it plz!!!I really need your help to stop the crashes as soon as possible.(Think about a random guy joining,want to change his class so he suicide and then the server crashes,what a fail) Sad

Thank you in advance Smile

P.S:If you want any .dmp files for you to examine,I am glad to give you Smile

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