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[Resolved] how to make a server run on one core
Hey, how do i make my server run on core #3 instead of core 0-1-2..

Im running w7 ;P And yes my dare loved friends, im playing on the same computer as i very recommended ... -.- Toungue^^
and dont even bother to bring me the "readme"
[Image: 1157583142.png]
alt-ctrl-del - taskmanager - look for the process in the process-tab - set the affinity

Here the affinity "readme":
thank you Arjen Smile
[Image: 1157583142.png]
You can also choose to get it being putted on core #3 each time the server starts Smile
Slå den med jeres fiberforbindelser...

[Image: 1308107839.png]
what will this do ?

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