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i just bought source and im trying to host a game in which i can play on and my friends can also play on

i choose CREATE GAME
and do the settings and everything
give my friends the ip
that is shown in source

and they dont see it
and same things happens wen they load a game
we all bought the game
and were fairly new to it

im sure its a simple solution
can any1 can help me out?
a lan server? so that means the server ip would be 192.xxxxx or something.. on lan people should be able to connect regardless under the lan tab in the server browser. unless the computer runnin the server has a firewall blocking it, but if your wanting to run it through the internet.. thats a whole different story which i won't get into since you said lan.
hmm i guess im confused...
what im wanting to do is play at my house on my server that i would create and have my friends join that server from their homes. so i presume that would be over the internet....

i create the server and it does not show up in their list...
LAN = Local Area Network

Basically, computers physically plugged into your computer, or router.

If you want your buddies to be able to join it, unless they are on your LAN, then you will have to make it an internet server.
alright yea.. thats not a lan server.. a lan server would be everyone in your house..

soo on a internet server.. do you have a router? if you do then the ip you connect to, and the ip everyone else connects to is different.. go to and give that ip out to ur friends attaching the port, and givin that the ports are forwarded right on your router, and everything.. it should work out just fine.. and if you don't have a router, then once again, it must be a firewall on the computer
ok great thanks for all the help... just got 1 more stupid question.... is there a certin way to make a internet server??? coz i understand u can make a "lan" server... wen i simply click "create server" i understand it makes a lan server coz my friend came over and we had a mini lan party over my router (which i only use for lan parties) and that worked fine he connected and the game worked fine. BUT wen hes at home i click create server again and i dont know if it makes a lan server or interent server watever one it makes he cannot see it and at this point i am not behind a router i hook my computer DIRECTLy to the adsl modem and all my firewall software including windows firewall is disabled. his aswell is all disabled. he is on a small lan network at his house using a router but i dont think that shoudl matter wen he connects to me. so my question is wen i click create server is there somethign else i have to do or somethign extra i have to do in order to make it playable over the interent??? or do we just enter the ip into favorites??
you need to forward the ports that source needs in your router to your internal ip address and then bind your ipaddress in your server.cfg so the seteam servers can direct traffic to your actual external ip rather than your internal ip, also make sure that "sv_lan 0" is set in your server.cfg . all this stuff can be found in the steampowered forums too under srcds server forum, it all pretty much applies to a listen server too all the ports are the same and such, also on the steam websight in the support area of the actual websight there is FAQ that will tell you what ports you need to forward.
im not using a router wen making an internet server though... i dont think i would have to do any port stuff. i have just straight connection to the internet. no firewall no nothing
some dsl modems anymore act as routers.. so double check that.. and also make sure the cvar sv_lan is set to 0. other then that.. if theres no router at all... so like the ip in the server console is the same as says.. then he should be able to just add that ip to his favorites, and it should work.. but if them 2 ips are different.. then theres a good chance your modem acts as a router, cuz it has its own built in dhcp server, which would require port forwarding.
ok great im gonna check that out right now
hmm i just created a server and i checked my ip at

and its the same as the ip that shows up wen i press escape and click the LAN tab, and then rite click on my server and the ip is the same....

the server does not show up in favorites or anythign else.....

my friend cannot connect to it.....

wen i click create server does it make a LAN server or an INTERNET server..

man im so confused...
alright.. well it will create what you tell it too.. the server won't show up on favorites unless you add the ip... and can you post theip here... also go to the server console.. and type "sv_lan 0" and see if he canconnect then.
skeletor check ur pm

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