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Player number changes with bots

ive opened a 16 slot server, i can see and join the server.
but after i join it says 1/13 players in the ingame server search?

the server is running metamod/sourcemod/cssdm

Check your server config for "sv_visiblemaxplayers". That is special CVAR which controls how many player slots it shows on the list. That way you can start 16 slot server, but it shows only 13 slots in the game info.

Some of your sourcemod admin plugins can make it so that there are 3 reserve slots. Then it changes that the server shows 13 slots, but there are still 3 available for admins. Admins can join the server with console command "connect". This is at least how it works in Mani Admin Plugin.
sv_visible.... doesnt change the displayed number.
the default is -1, i tried 0 and 22
Bots will automatically make your server show that many slots. No way to fix it.

12 slot server with 1 bot 1 human. In game browser list will show 1/11 players.
12 slot server with 2 bots 0 humans. In game browser list will show 0/10 players.
Yea, they patched this to keep people from thinking redirect servers with 60 / 64 players were full :3
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But thats unfair, bots are set to leave when people join....

who wants to join a server that has 5/12 slots available - as shown ingame. if in reality its some humans+bots/22 slots?

Also the count is correct when i check the server via friends/refresh server
Meh thats what happens... People were taking advantage of it, and creating these servers with 60/64 bots and then once a person joined, they were immediately redirected to a smaller game server...
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