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arround 950 fps where is the solution?

i want to know why does the system only arround 950 fps with srcds with kernels over 2.6.28? i know thats not really important for the gameplay but i want the why and a posible solution? i know that all kernels over 2.6.28 does the same problem. there is no change with rt patch or zen sources?! the 950fps are dirty in my eyes i wanna my old 992-996fps....and i wont use the older kernel arround 2.6.26 because of bugs older drivers e.g......
i tried a lot with no success....

this is not only not important for the gameplay, it is actually completely the same. the difference is a couple of microseconds. way beyond human perception! don't wast your time with this :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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i waste the time because of some friends because they said its important ... i know thats untrue .... but i want to fix the "problem" for their eyes...i dont want the words for the future "bad server because of non stable ~1000fps" other customers/server have ~1000fps ...but why me not? i wanna fix it ... but how?
i did some tests with two different servers > same cpu mhz > same kernel > but one of these was a xeon 3360 and the other was a Q9550. funny was that i got with the xeon 3360 > 996fps and with the Q9550 > 992fps ..... i know thats all not important ... but iam searching for a reason... or solution ... i think it because of the differenz chipset...but why? can i fix it?
alias stats "echo 99.0 213718294 123818239123 1237 123 1000.0 23" lol
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If your are writing lots of unhelpful comments like that > that would explain why you have a lot of posts....

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