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Why are my pings so high?!

I have two servers 20 slots each at 33tick and sv_maxrate 12500.

When they have in total 30players in, the pings goes insane! But sometimes it does it at like 25players, once I had 35 in, it didn't either. Just like random times!
I've totally 31 players in now, no lag.

They run on a 50/2mbit connection and that should be plenty.

I run a 4slots test server too. But it's password protected and not in use.

I have a FileZilla server running with FTP, no one is uploading OR downloading.

Bandwidth. When you are on a home connection, you normally are not guarantied bandwidth so your actual bandwidth will fluctuate. Plus you are running a LOT of slots on limited bandwidth.
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But FIOS is pretty accurate when providing speeds, they are almost all the time at the rated speed given, which is what makes them unique. Also agreeing with Mooga, that is very little bandwidth to be running 35 players even at 33tick with one server.
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Ahh ty Mooga.

Well I can buy more upload. 1MBit/s pr. month addionally $10!

So 50/50MBit = $540 a month! My upload sucks max.

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