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Left 4 Dead Update Released (7-16-09)
Sounds good to me!

Jason Wrote:Left 4 Dead has been updated to include a lobby browser. This is an optional update. The lobby browser (under Play Online) will show you a list of optimal games available for you to join. The browser pares down the thousands of lobbies and games currently being played to show you the best list of games available to you. This list includes official and add-on campaigns, including add-on campaigns you have not yet installed, making it a great way to discover them. You can filter by difficulty, official and/or add-on campaigns and by lobbies and/or games in progress.

The Play on Steam Group Server screen now displays which Steam group it's searching while updating the list.

After calling a vote to change difficulty in game it is now correctly updated in matchmaking.

Add-on Campaigns:
- When downloading a new version of an add-on and installing it (by double clicking the .VPK file), it will now correctly overwrite the pervious version, even while Left 4 Dead is currently running.
- Addressed a crash when two mission files with the same name are installed.
- Steam Group Servers now will now correctly offer download links when running add-on campaigns.

- The server will now warn if the public or private tags exceed their limits. Public tags are limited to 63 characters. Private tags used for matchmaking are now limited to 1024 characters.

- The VPK tool can now handle campaigns larger than 500MB.
- You can now drop an add-on a VPK file onto the VPK tool to have it extract it for you.
- Detail.vbsp and lights.rad have been added to the distribution.

Note that the Linux Steam objects have been renamed. This shouldn't cause any issues.

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