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Team Fortress 2 Update Available (5-29-09)
Sorry I'm late. Dinner & such.

Jason Wrote:A required update to Team Fortress 2 is now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive it. The specific changes include:

- Added Sniper/Spy milestone achievements as an additional way players can get the new unlockables
Arena Mode:
- Added tf_arena_use_queue server convar. Turn this on to get the old queue behavior. Default is off
- Added tf_arena_round_time to set a timelimit on the round
- Added the userid of the player who built the teleporter to the "player_teleported" event
- Fixed player killed event causing server crash
- Fixed Spies not being telefragged when standing on an enemy teleporter exit with the Dead Ringer enabled
- Fixed attackers seeing the mini-crit particle effect for full crits if the victim has the Jarate effect enabled
- Fixed the Ambassador not doing damage to buildings
- Fixed Spies disguised as their own team not drawing blood effects
- Fixed players killed by flaming arrows not showing the appropriate death icon

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