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Cannot See Server in Server List
So, I recently started up my scoutzknivez server again, and have forwarded all of the recommended TCP/UDP ports, bound the proper local IP for the server upon startup, have it as sv_lan 0, US region, etc. I can connect to it via LAN, but not by my public IP:, and I do not see my server in the server list. The logs says:

Adding master server
Adding master server

But to no avail...

Can anyone either connect to it or give suggestions as to why it is not showing up in the master server list?

Here are my forwarded ports:

UDP 1200
UDP 27000-27015
UDP 27020
TCP 27030-27039
TCP 27015

If you connect to your server with "connect x:x:x:x:yyyy" it's work ?
Because i have a similar probleme, i can't see in server list, but it's work, i can connect it.
In the steam browser hit the favorites tab then select "Add a server". Enter in your IP address and select "Find servers at this address"

If you do not see your server listed once the search is complete than your IP/NAT is incorrect. Double check your port forwarding configuration on your local router / firewall.

If you do see the server try adding the following lines to your server configuration file.

//Sync your server to all 4 master servers - failure to do this seems to cause issues with steam group connections
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add

I am guessing that since you can connect locally, but not from the public IP that your error is with the port forwarding or possibly your linux IPTABLES config.

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