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making progress, but fps drops driving me insane
I haven't been having much luck with rt-patched kernels, but this is working the best so far, full server only using 45% of a cpu core according to top, with rt patch, it was using up to 80%, with horrendous fps drops.

This one has drops, but not nearly as low, but I still want to get rid of them if I can.

I tried idler.c, no effect, chrt settings, renice, taskset, hpet/tsc clocksource.... all no change.

I rather not mess with random kernel settings, compile, restart, test... takes way too much time.

I just want stable fps, not 1000, or 500 fps. I tried 1000hz, rt and non rt, and the fps always drops to the same low level of around 80.

I'll post my .config if it helps at all.

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My fps dops did not go away until i removed hltv and asigned 1cpu per server.
what cpu do you use, and how many servers are running on it?
did you try my full howto? its more than only the kernel...

don't look too much on the cpu load, it's not important and might be misleading (especially with rt-patches). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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